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For years I have been a consistent supplier of used 2nd gen parts to the community. As the engine business has grown, my storage space and time for the parts has diminished from what it was in years past, and thus so has my inventory. Recently, I opened an ebay store and listed most of what I have on hand in there.

As always, you can email your requests to me at Other good sources for parts are listed in my LINKS page.

Note that I do not sell engine rebuild kits or parts. I get all my parts through atkins rotary, I do not sell any new or aftermarket parts for RX-7s or RX-8s.

IF you are looking for engine core parts (rotors, housings, irons) I usually have these available, but I prefer not to sell what I have accumulated, being that I am a rebuilder and will eventually need them myself. Still, I sometimes will sell these parts to individuals in need, at a higher price than what I have invested in each part (purchasing and shipping core engines in, disassembling, checking, etc.) Do not expect to purchase an engine part from me for what an individual who parts out an engine might sell one for. Plan on $100-400 per part depending on year, model, condition, and availability.

My Rotary Resurrection ebay store (Check often for updates)

Rotary Resurrection - Used Parts
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At times I get so many emails I stay a week or more behind. Please do not send duplicates asking "did you get my last email?". This only serves to slow the process down even more.
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