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ECU Part Numbers (this is the version # that's on the ECU itself)
N3A1 - Fed MT
N3A2 - Fed AT
N3A3 (ends in 881A) - Cali MT
N3A4 (ends in 881A) - Cali AT
N3C1 - Fed MT
N3C2 - Fed AT
N3A3 (ends in 881B) - Cali MT
N3A4 (ends in 881C) - Cali MT
N3D8 - Fed MT
N3D9 - Fed AT
N3E1 - Cali MT
N3E2 - Cali AT
NOTE - If there's an "R" at the end, it's a remanufactured ECU. They also change the last 3 digits to "881". Example - '89 Turbo Reman. - N370 18 881R. A remanufactured ECU isn't necessarily bad; it DOES mean the ECU was replaced.
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