Rotary Resurrection - Engine Prices

These prices are for shortblock rebuilds and require your core (the same year/model you wish to receive back) up front. These are "base prices" that assume your core is fully rebuildable...cost will go up if your internal hard parts require replacement. The up-front parts deposit is INCLUDED IN the base price, not in addition to it. IN other words you pay roughly half the cost up front, and the other half upon completion. If you need the external gasket kit (for assembly of manifolds, externals, etc.) then that cost is extra depending on the year/model, and this extra cost must be added to your deposit up front in order for me to order the correct kit. If you are having me perform longblock assembly or installation for you, the gasket kit will be required.


93-95 TURBO
$1350 base price, $650 deposit up front (cash in person or US post office money order) or $670 if paying via paypal.


  • Long block disassembly and reassembly
    93-95 stock sequential w/ emissions: $200

    93-95 simplified nonsequential w/o emissions: $100
    >>Click here for details

  • Substitute mazda oem 2mm apex seals
    instead of atkins 2mm apex seals, add $250 (this cost may change as mazda part prices change)

  • Removal and reinstallation into your car
    93-95: $1000
    >>Click here for details

  • Streetporting, Turbo 4 port:
    Turbo 4 port: $450
    >>Click here for details

  • Emissions removal
    During engine rebuild: $30
    Engine already in car: $200
    >>Click here for details

  • 3mm seal upgrade package
    Includes rotor milling/shipping to/from machine shop
    Atkins 3mm seals
    New 3mm Apex springs
    3mm solid cornerseals

    Use mazda oem 3mm seals instead of atkins seals in the package mentioned above,
    add $350 (for a total of $600 for the 3mm conversion)(this cost may change as mazda part prices change)

  • Nonsequential Twin Turbo Conversion
    >>Click here for details

  • Vacuum Hose Replacement For Stock Sequential/emissions System
    You supply your own silicone hose $50 (labor)
    I supply standard rubber hose $50 (hose and labor)
    Viton check valves $35/set of 4
    >>Click here for details


All engines are built on a per order basis, no stock is pre-built on the shelf. All engine rebuilds require a core up front to build from, as well as possible extra charges depending on internal damage to your core. IF you'd like, you can ship in a core ahead of time for me to disassemble and inspect, and then make the decision whether or not to pursue the rebuild depending on parts replacement cost. All engines require a parts deposit be placed before work can begin ($650). This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE once recieved. Any core not accompanied by a parts deposit within 4 weeks will be considered abandoned and used for other purposes, due to limited storage space.

Please review all options below as well as the PRICES page before calling to discuss a rebuild. Generally work takes 2-3.5 weeks to complete depending on current workload. Please plan your downtime accordingly. For those wishing to bring their car for a rebuild and stand by while the work is being completed, note that this is usually not possible due to the volume of work already ahead of you, thus the 2-3 week wait period. All work is completed on a first come first served basis, i.e. you pay the engine deposit and send your engine/car and this puts you in line for work to be completed.

When you are ready to order an engine, please be sure I get the following information with your deposit:

  • NAME
  • All engine and installation specifications including modifications you wish me to perform, porting specs, paint colors (if different than standard), etc.
Rotary Resurrection - Engine Prices
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