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Differences Between S4 86-88 and S5 89-91 Engines

84-88 Electric 6 Port Conversion
84-88 Fuel Pulsation Dampner Elimination
86-88 NON-Turbo Emissions Removal
86-88 NON-Turbo Engine Teardown
87-88 TURBO Emissions Removal
86-88 to 89-91 SWAP

89-91 Automatic Seatbelt Recall

89-91 NON-Turbo Emissions Removal
89-91 NON-Turbo Engine Teardown
89-91 TURBO Emissions Removal
89-91 to 86-88 SWAP
87-91 TURBO Teardown
89-91 Electric 6 Port Conversion

NON-Turbo Engine Removal
NON-Turbo and TURBO Drivetrain Differences
NON-Turbo to TURBO Conversion
Turbo Engine Removal

Airpump 6PI Actuation
Automatic to 5 Speed Conversion
Blown Engine Symptoms
Compression Check
Cone Filter Intake Mod
Coolant Seal Failure
Custom Grounding/Charge Wire
ECU Applications
Electric Fan Installation
Internal Engine Damage
Engine Longevity
Flywheel Removal
Unflooding Procedures and Fuel Cutoff Switch
Housing Differences
Housing Wear Guide
Injector Information
Rear Iron Break
Rebuilt Engine Starup and Break-in Procedures
Rotor, Counterweight and Flywheel Information
Stock Flywheel VS Aftermarket Flywheel
Water Injection Treatment

Rotary Resurrection - Tech Section
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