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Pictured is a complete engine, as removed from the car, with a/c and p/s removed.
Unplug TPS connector. Disconnect the 2 vacuum hoses on right side of intake, one is the large U shaped hose. Disconnect the 3 vacuum hoses on the back of the intake. Disconnect the 2 small coolant lines on the back of the throttlebody. Disconnect the one vacuum hose from the middle intake manifold nipples on the back. Remove the 6 12mm bolts/nuts  and lift off the upper intake manifold with throttlebody and intake elbow.
Unplug the intake air temp sensor on the passenger side intake manifold (2 wire small plug). Loosen, but don’t remove, the 2 12mm bolts on the intake brackets on the drivers side. Disconnect the small vacuum line on the drivers side intake manifold, near the front. Disconnect both fuel lines (at the secondary rail) and the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose. Disconnect both secondary injector plugs, and the BAC valve plug. Disconnect the small coolant hose from the front of the BAC valve. Disconnect the 2 vacuum hoses below the secondary injectors, on the intake manifold. Remove the 5 12mm bolts/nuts from the intake manifold. Bend the metal vacuum rail up and out of the way, and lift the middle intake manifold off the engine.
Remove the 2 12mm bolts on the drivers side of the engine, holding down the vacuum rack. Unplug the temperature sending unit wire, under the oil filter. Disconnect the vacuum hose on the oil fill tube, which is connected to the vacuum rack/purge valve. Unplug the crank angle sensor. Remove the 2 12mm bolts holding down the fuel rail, be sure to get the black plastic spacer underneath. Disconnect the 5 vacuum hoses going to the oil injectors and the lower intake manifold. Unplug the green temperature sensor behind the alternator. Some cars will also have a black sensor here, unplug it as well. Unplug both of the white connectors for the electronic oil metering pump beside the alternator. Unplug both sets of wires going to the ACV behind the air pump. Unplug the 02 sensor. Disconnect the vacuum hoses going to the 6 port actuators and ACV. Slowly lift off the vacuum rail, fuel rail, injectors, and wiring harness as a whole.
Remove the vacuum hose going from the oil fill tube to the back of the engine/firewall. Remove the oil cap and dipstick. Unscrew the oil pressure sending unit (the brass piece under the oil filter) from the engine. Remove the oil filter pedestal. Remove the temp sending unit probe (a deep 12mm socket is required). Remove crank angle sensor. Using the 4 10mm bolts, remove all 3 crank pulley plates, but NOT the 19mm bolt holding the main pulley boss in place(the pic shows the boss removed, this was due to the engine being torn completely down here…if you are sending an engine to me, leave this in place). Remove the 4 oil metering lines CAREFULLY. Remove the 12mm bolt holding the alternator bracket on at the water pump. There are now 4 nuts and 3 bolts holding the water pump in place. Remove the 4 nuts and washers. Slowly pull the entire water pump/housing/alternator/air pump assembly off the engine. You will have to disconnect the air pump output hose as you do this. Remove the coolant hose from the back of the block, and the drivers side heater hose below the oil filter.
Remove oil metering pump. Remove 6 port actuators. Remove 4 12mm bolts and 2 12mm nuts and the lower intake manifold assembly. Don’t forget to remove the port sleeves from the block.
Remove exhaust manifold, clutch/flywheel, motor mounts, oilpan, and oil pickup tube. Engine is now ready for shipment.
Rotary Resurrection - Tech Section
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