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Welcome to the 2nd generation RX-7 section of the site. Most of the work I do is geared towards the FC, and in fact this is the platform I first began learning on several years ago and the one which I have the most experience with. These cars are attractive to the average enthusiast because they perform well, are quite commonly available, can be bought very cheaply, and can be modified fairly cheaply and easily.

Feel free to check out the above links which contain technical information, engine building options, prices, installation options, etc.

Also please note that I now provide FULL PHOTO DOCUMENTATION of all builds, including teardown, cleaned parts prior to assembly, and assembly of the block. For recent examples of work done for other customers, feel free to

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Rotary Resurrection - Welcome
Rotary Resurrection
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At times I get so many emails I stay a week or more behind. Please do not send duplicates asking "did you get my last email?". This only serves to slow the process down even more.
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