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A short block is basically the engine in it’s purest form, only the 5 engine plates and the front cover, with the front pulley hub/boss on the front. No oil pan, no flywheel, no water pump, etc. This is what most all engine rebuilders sell, and nowhere can you buy a rebuild with everything included on the engine. IF you are shipping in a core, it is generally accepted/requested that it be in short block form. This just means less work for the rebuilder, since the parts can be disassembled and immediately cleaned, instead of wasting time removing your external parts and sensors. For information about pulling your engine and stripping it to a shortblock, please see the tech section. Note that if you need to send your shortblock with the flywheel still installed (because you cannot remove it) that’s fine by me, and I will not charge you for removing and reinstalling it. I do not offer flywheel surfacing services, however. Note that the weight of the flywheel should be accounted for in shipping weights (20-25lb), and may affect cost slightly.

A long block is the engine complete as it would be pulled from the car, with all manifolds, accessories, and wiring still intact (minus power steering and a/c). For information about pulling your engine as a longblock, please see the tech section.
Many people are not comfortable with removing and then reinstalling all the manifolds, wiring, etc. The rotary has a very complicated EFI/control system, and this is understandable. How well this phase of the install is completed is directly related to how easily/well the new engine starts and runs. For this reason, many people ask if I can do this phase as well. I gladly do so. This service does not include any replacement hoses, wires, plugs, solenoids, check valves, belts, or other sensors. IF you wish to have these replaced then I will do so at no additional cost, however you must supply your own parts up front. Please send the complete longblock engine minus AC and PS if you choose to go that route, not a half stripped version. Note that shipping costs may increase 10-40% for a longblock due to added weight (350 vs 225).
Rotary Resurrection - Engine Option
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